Araujo, Carlos (Brasil). Índex Iberoamericano de Ilustración.
CARLOS ARAUJO is an illustrator based in Brazil. His works can be seen magazines, books, products and art shows in Brazil and worldwide.
He has worked as graphic designer for about eight years before deciding to focus his career on illustration. And since then wonderful things happened.
In 2009, three of his works were selected to be part of the Luerzer’s Special 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide. Also in the same year his work was chosen to be part of American illustration 28.
CARLOS ARAUJO lives with his wife and daughter in an apartment so large that sometimes they get lost in it.
Carlos Araujo.  Carlos Araujo.  Carlos Araujo.

Carlos Araujo.  Carlos Araujo.  Carlos Araujo.



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